Still relying on humans to classify content?


You’ve seen it. We’ve seen it.

Even the most comprehensive and well-documented content management policy will fall victim to human factors: misinterpretation, inconsistency and laziness.

And it's putting your organization at risk: from a governance, legal, privacy and compliance perspective.

It's time to consider AutoClassification.


What is AutoClassification? Classification answers the question: "what is this content and what should I do with it?". AutoClassification automates the analysis and decisioning of the proper answer at all times.


Why AutoClassification?

AutoClassification software performs 10,000,000 computations per second, saving months or years of manual file categorization.
Sophisticated algorithms remove the possibility of human error or oversight through the automated crawling and classification of every file.
Consistent and perpetual reconciliation across multiple data repositories regardless of time, size or location.